Managed DNS System

Take control of your businesses with TotalWeb-INC’s fully self-manageable DNS service. A great add on service to your domain management, Managed DNS allows us to provide our customers with a robust and stable environment in which to manage their nameservers.

TotalWeb-INC’s managed DNS has a fully redundant architecture and is hosted in a world-class data center. Additionally, the nameservers have a 100% uptime guarantee, so our customers never have to worry about their nameservers failing to resolve.

The TotalWeb-INC DNS service is manageable through the same great interface as our other domain products. No manual data entry is required due to automatic zone retrieval.

You also have the option to setup zone records that can be applied to personalize your domain name needs. In our interface, records can be reset with a single click. With the ability to allow you to manage your own DNS can also free up valuable support time for you and your business.